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We aim to provide first-class insurance services with the highest-rated carriers and at competitive prices.

White Oak Insurance Services has been in continuous operation since 1985, first as RE/MAX Insurance from 1985 until they we acquired them in 2015 and re-branded as White Oak. In 2017, we successfully acquired Trans Union Insurance in Decatur in order to widen our carrier base and geographic area of service. In 2019, we purchase Budget Financial Services in Warner Robins, adding over a dozen carriers to our product line, and giving us a central Georgia office. In March 2021, we acquired Seguros United and merged them into our North Atlanta office. Our leadership has over 30 years of experience in insurance, spanning home & auto to group benefits, and our vision has been to build a single outlet for our client’s insurance needs. By being able to offer a single-source solution for our clients’ home, auto, business, and life insurance needs we can offer increased savings and better customer service experience.


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